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VIP Rainbow Leaves Bio-Canvas Collar

VIP Rainbow Leaves Bio-Canvas Collar

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VIP Autumn 2023 print 

Our Bio-Canvas collars are ready for everything life throws at them. Water? Resistant! Mud? Machine Washable! Sand? No problem for our YKK buckles!

All collars come with silver hardwear. 


XS - 7-10"

S - 9-14"

M - 10-16"

L - 14-22"

XL - 20-30"



5/8" - ideal buckle collar width for puppies and toy breeds or as an ID collar

3/4" - perfect for buckle collar for large breed puppies, those with shorter necks or small breeds

1" - buckles suitable for most dogs, a great width for iggy sized martingales 

1.5" - best width for buckle collars for large breed or fluffy dogs, suitable for martingales in all sizes

2" - only available in martingales for large hounds


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