Welcome to devildood

Founded in 2016, devildood has always had one thing at it's core; practical dog accessories made for adventures. We believe that your dogs' accessories should be able to withstand anything they can throw at them; mud, water, sand - our collars and leads can handle it all. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer our "Dog's Lifetime Guarantee" on all our collars and leads.

Custom Accessories

About us

Hi, I'm Emily and I am the creator behind devildood. I started devildood in 2016, frustrated that I could not find any accessories that could stand up to my dog Colin's adventures (and his love for fox poo!). I started making collars and leads for him, testing different designs and materials, then family and friends started asking me to kit our their dogs and eventually I decided to start the company that is now devildood. Over the years we have added a huge range of products, as well as adding some extra paws and tiny feet to our family. All our handmade products either made by me or other small business, all with one main goal in mind, to be durable and stand the test of time. Oh, and to be machine washable for those that like to roll!

  • 2016

    devildood launched with custom paracord collars and leads. I was making products alongside completing my teacher training, learning new weaves in my spare time and reinvesting all my profits into materials and developing my skills to make the best products I could.

  • 2017

    BioThane and PPM rope products were added to our range, giving a new dimension to devildood. Initially BioThane was only added to allow our paracord collars to become adjustable but once I started working with it our full BioThane range became inevitable. I continued to work part time as a teacher as well as attending more events and shows.

  • 2018

    This was year I went full time with devildood. We moved to Suffolk following our wedding in the January and I launched our direct shop in the May - the rest, as they say, is history! Accessory wise, we launched our first collection of bow ties in collaboration with Bramble & Friends and released our first collection of brushed cotton infinity scarves to complete the adventure-ready look! We added 4 tiny paws to our family that summer with the arrival of Arnold the whippet.

  • 2019

    2019 saw the introduction of our first material collars, Eco Canvas was new to the UK market and the most durable fabric we could find. We later launched leads with matching handles with both rope and Biothane bodies. The winter of that year also saw the introduction of our first cosy snoods in complementary designs.

  • 2020

    Our biggest year to date, we exhibited at Crufts in the March just before the whole world went into lockdown. Paracord was revived through live workshops that year as we kept hundreds of hands busy making collars and leads. Our first exclusive designs also launched in 2020, we have now worked with over 15 artists on custom patterns you won't find anywhere else. New Eco Canvas collections were expanded to include camera straps and matching poo bag pouches from Two Dogs Co. As a family, we moved to Wiltshire in the March, devildood quickly outgrew our new garage and moved into an industrial unit that summer!

  • 2021

    The year of Bio-Canvas. In a bid to reduce our carbon footprint and elevate the quality of our products we moved our fabric printing to a UK company and the results spoke for themselves. Even more durable accessories that always wash up as good as new! We expanded to include human apparel so everyone can look stylish in devildood gear. Cosy snoods also got a makeover, made from a soft-shell outer they are water-resistant and don't absorb any muck that is thrown their way!

  • 2022

    The year of baby Belle, devildood took a backseat in 2022 as we added two tiny feet to our family. No new collections but lots of live sales as we got used to a new normal. Custom orders re-opened in the summer with a few limited edition prints for those that needed their devildood fix!

  • 2023

    The year of the VIP. Our first VIP boxes shipped in march and we could not be more thrilled with the response. Full of exclusive products from us and other small businesses, these boxes are the result of years of research and testing. What else will 2023 hold for devildood? You'll have to wait and see!