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Bio-Canvas Collar - Discontinued Prints

Bio-Canvas Collar - Discontinued Prints

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Please leave your first and second fabric choices in the box. If neither are available then we will contact you. Please note maximum size on some of the fabric swatches, those labelled FQ can go up to a large martingale or 12-20" buckle collar.

Our Bio-Canvas collars are ready for everything life throws at them. Water? Resistant! Mud? Machine Washable! Sand? No problem for our YKK buckles!

All collars come with silver hardwear. 


XS - 7-10"

S - 9-14"

M - 10-16"

L - 14-22"

XL - 20-30"



5/8" - ideal buckle collar width for puppies and toy breeds or as an ID collar

3/4" - perfect for buckle collar for large breed puppies, those with shorter necks or small breeds

1" - buckles suitable for most dogs, a great width for iggy sized martingales 

1.5" - best width for buckle collars for large breed or fluffy dogs, suitable for martingales in all sizes

2" - only available in martingales for large hounds


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